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Dear Readers,
I love so many writers and so many have inspired me over the years. Everyone from Thomas Merton to Henri Nouwen, Paulo Coehlo, Anthony De Mello, Scott Hahn, Jack Kerouac, Graham Greene, Kurt Vonnegut, John Irving. Mary Oliver, Anne Lamott, and even Anthony Bourdain (who’s a really great writer). I think each of these authors have a certain exuberance in their written word that is very powerful for me. They’re enthusiastic, and I love the word enthusiasm. That’s one of my favorite words because it comes from a Greek word whose root is en theo, meaning God within. When you’re enthusiastic, you’re allowing God to flow through you. These authors, no matter what they believed, let God flow through them.
It is my hope that I can be enthusiastic in all that I do.
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